Haunted Echo – Janet McLaughlin| Jana

Publisher: Absolute Love Publishing

Release date: October 27th 2016

Language: English

Number of pages: 168 pages (paperback)

Genre: young adult, mystery



Haunted Echo was kindly sent to me by the publisher and I was pretty excited to read it as the story sounded promising.  As you can see by my rating, I was not really blown away by the book, but it wasn’t bad either – it just wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

So lets see what this book is about.


Sun, fun, and her toes in the sand. That’s what Zoey Christopher expects when she joins her best friend and fellow cheerleader Becca on an exotic Caribbean vacation. What she finds instead is a wannabe boyfriend, a voodoo doll, and Tempy – a tormented young ghost whose past is linked to the island grounds.

Zoey has always seen visions of the future, but when she arrives at St. Anthony’s Island to vacation among the jet set, she has her first encounter with a bona fide ghost. Forced to uncover the secret behind the girl’s untimely death, Zoey quickly realizes that trying to solve the case will place her in mortal danger. Shaken and confused by a menacing threat and by her budding feelings for the too-cute, too-nice Chris, will Zoey find a way to survive this vacation and put Tempy to rest?

If you’ve ever watched the TV show Ghost Whisperer, the book will remind you of it, with the paranormal situation going on and some references to the show that appear now and then.

The book is fast-paced and definitely a one-sitting read. The writing style is light and easy to understand, though it could be a bit improved. However, the descriptions were beautiful whether they were a landscape or enterier. The book isn’t really a horror, it’s more a pinch of spookines mixed with lots of mystery which makes a good mix.

It is obvious that the writer put effort into paranormal and historical researches that were the foundation of the story, but there should have been another research or at least an observation – a research of teenagers, their way of communication, speaking, thinking, even a study of their behavior. I’m not really sure 15-year-old girls carry with them framed photos of their boyfriends so they can hug and kiss them when they’re appart. If the book is about teens, it should be accurate and the accuracy in that field  is the last thing that can be found here.

What also bothered me were relationships between characters.  What kind of the family is as formal as Becca’s? What kind of the friendship is it when a friend advices another to do the thing she doesn’t seem to be comfortable with? What kind of a mother  always complains about her youngest children being  strenuous? You know, topics as toxic relationships of whatever kind  are more than existent, but the things that were listed were portrayed as perfect, and that’s why they bothered me.

The ending is both disappointing and pleasing – mystery surrounding Tempy’s death was revaled  nicely and was really interesting, but how Zoey’s relationship with Josh turned out was confusing as Zoey was supposed to have made up her mind.

According to Goodreads, this was the first installment in The Soul Sight Mysteries series, and it ended in a small cliffhanger so it makes perfect sense to have the sequel. This series has potential and I’d really love to see how it turns out and grows.

Thank you, Absolute Love Publishing for sending me the copy of the book.

Have you read Haunted Echo?

Till the next post,

Jana sends you hugs ♥


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