Metalliveljet – Antti Halme | Jana

Publisher: Otava

Language: Finnish

Release date:  June 2009

Number of pages: 252

Genre: young adult



For Harri from Espoo in Finland it’s not an attractive idea to spend the whole summer in Oslo with family of his father’s friend. But there are only two possibilities – either Norway or visiting relatives and touring the fairs of handicrafts with parents. Villas, also from the Espoo, is spending his summer at his uncle’s in Oslo and is not thrilled to share a room with some guy Harri. It turned out, however, that plumpy Harry and green-eyed Ville have much more in common than it seemed at first sight – especially the love for heavy metal. Their heavy metal dreams begin to come true when they meet Iraqi Hashemi, but the situation becomes very tense when in their lives come ominous Cobras, who believe that Norway belongs only to the Norwegians.

Do you know what impresses me the most when it comes to literature and reading? The fact that in every book we learn something new about people and their habits and everyday life, dreams and hopes, no matter where they are or what culture they belong to. The fact that through reading we have the opportunity to get to know the things we usually do not have almost anything in common.

Metal music has never been a topic that I have thought about a lot because that kind of music does not suit me, so I was not sure what to expect from this book. However, as it’s happened every time so far, it was a pleasant surprise. Even though the heavy metal is in the center of events, its role is to connect people who share love for it, pooling their dreams, hopes and talents in a humorous and  a very cute story.

“We have to have dreams, because they make life worth living.”

What Metalliveljet makes a unique book is humor that’s enlaced within it. From the first to the last page it is impossible not to laugh to some of statements that characters make, situations they find themselves in – for example, Friday the 13th is not necessary for Harri to have a bad day!

There are three main characters Harri, Ville and Hachemi – three completely different characters. Harri is the real stereotypical fan of metal music, Ville is the cool one and Hachemi is a talented musician. The three is an unusual squad, but it’s a real model of how real friendships should look like. There isn’t a situation where someone is left out. Founding a band brought them closer to each other, showing them how much they can achieve if they try hard enough and believe in themselves.

The closer competition they signed up for was, the atmosphere of the book was more alive and tense, and it is impossible not wait eagerly for their performance and it’s results. But before that there are many intense scenes in which the courage and perseverance of our three protagonists is put onto a trial. I don’t want to spoil it to you and all I have to say is that it has everything that makes one book great.

The only thing that can be somehow problematic is the way of storytelling – it’s told in the third person but every now and then the character from whose corner we’re following the story is changed. It happens in one section and can be a little confusing until you get used to that.

All in all, this is a very fun book from which is possible to learn many new things and get acquainted with new areas. I truly recommend it!

Have you read Metalliveljet?

Till the next post,

Jana sends you hugs ❤️


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