May Wrap-Up | Jana

May really wasn’t my reading month at all. Generally, in this period every year I’m in some kind of a rush because of my procrastination habits, and everything I should have done for school, I do in the last minute. Long story short, let’s get back to books.

The first book I read in the previous month was Morning Star by Pierce Brown. As soon as I had finished Golden Son at the end of April, I had to start the last book in Red Rising trilogy. I loved the first and the second book, and that was also the case with the third one. Pierce Brown is definitely an amazing writer. He had perfectly ended the story. Red Rising has definitely become one of my favorite trilogies.


The second read book was The Crown by Kiera Cass, the final book in The Selection series. I cannot tell you how much I love this series. Last summer I had read in one night the original trilogy (that probably wasn’t the best decision I’ve made in my life, but oh well) and later the fourth book and novellas. All the books had me up all night, and that was also the case with The Crown. Short and sweet – that’s how’d I describe the book. Even though this was the shortest of all books in the series, it kept the charm and ended the story magnificently.


Now, here’s one of the worst books I’ve read recently – Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward. You know, I’ve read a lot of eulogies about it, and I thought it was going to be amazing, but it sadly was not. Firstly, its writing style and language were poor and boring. The plot was a complete cliché, which lowered the value of taboo topic that was also one of the main characteristics of the story, and it should have brought something new. Characters were one-dimensional, they had no layers, they lacked with character – everyone except Elec in some parts. The book got better near the ending and I don’t understand why the whole thing was not written like that. Overall, I was really disappointed.


The Young Elites by Marie Lu was something new and unique. I don’t know why I’ve been waiting to read it so long, when I adore Marie Lu. After Legend she’s brought the story about Adelina, very specific girl, who was everything but an usual young adult heroine. Adelina was full  of hatred and greed and darkness, and even though she did what she did maybe even from the best intentions, she ended up hurting everyone around her, even herself. When I was somewhere near the half of the book, my friend spoiled the ending (thanks, Maja) and after that I simply had hard time trying to finish the book. I had somehow finished it, but to be honest it didn’t affect me as much as it would if I didn’t know how it ends. However, it was great and I can’t wait for the Serbian publisher to translate The Rose Society.


Knowing that everyone’s excited about movie adaption of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, I had to find out why everyone are in love with the story. And I ended up falling in love with it immediately. The ending had me crying my soul out, but it’s not about the end, it’s about the story. The story itself left a great impression on me and opened my eyes up. Certainly it’s one of those stories that I wish every human being read at some point in life. I’m impatiently waiting for the movie and Serbian translation of the book’s sequel, After You.


The last but not the least in May was When Pumpkins Bloosomed by Dragoslav Mihailović. This was actually a school read, and of course I read it in the last minute. I’ve gotta say, it really left a great impression. Immensly upsetting book that lined up tragedy after tragedy. The most tragic thing is that many things said in the book were happening in the past, and some of them still do.



This would be my wrap-up pile, only missing The Crown because I read it as an e-book.

That would be that. There were tears, there was laugher, there was a whole universe of feelings as usual. I really hope that next month I’ll have more books read and that I’ll cross half of my Goodreads challenge. (I’ve read 35 books so far, and my goal is 80).

What have you read in May? Have you read some of the books I did that and what do you think about them? If you’re participating in Goodreads challenge, how are you going?


Untill the next post,

Jana sends you hugs ♥


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