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Every bibliophile has had at least once in his reading career to deal with a problem called  ”reading slump”. Reading slump is actually a condition/mood in which a bookworm (No, I don’t fancy this name for lovers of literature, but I’ll talk about it later) is trying to read something or cannot even open a book even though he’s trying really hard. It’s terrible, isn’t  it?


From my experience I know that reading slump usually starts after finishing an amazing book or book series because of the feeling that there will never ever be another book as good as that one, or because of  the guilt for moving into another literary world.  Also, the causer may be reading too many books in a short time, which is actually pretty often, no matter how hard we try to slow down with reading. (Or not?! I mean, how to put a book down after that plot twist?!)


Therefore I have some advices for those who want to escape a reading slump.  I hope they will be helpful to you.

  1. Never force yourself to read

Reading should be something that makes you feel good and happy. If you’re reading something you have no interests to (Okay, we can’t count school reads in this because they have to be read, no matter how boring they are) or something you can’t concentrate on, better put it down and take something else instead. It’s okay if you don’t finish a book you actually don’t like.

  1. Reread some of you favorite books

I can tell you that this really helps. By reading the book that made you love the art of words even more after you read it for the first time will certainly get you back on the road.

  1. Try to read a new genre

A million times I’ve been reading and reading againbooks of only specific literary genre till I got tired of it. Therefore it would be great after reading a couple of books from one genre to take a book from another one to avoid monotony. Also you can try to read a book from a genre you’ve never read before. Maybe behind an unfamiliar door you find completely new world, perfect for you, who knows?

  1. Rearange your bookshelves

Honestly I think that there is no better feeling than imagining the new look of you bookshelf. The process of  rearanging  your bookshelf  is like browsing through your old photo albums –  remembering wonderful days of reading those books and the stories behind their covers, feeling everything you felt in those precious moments. Cure for the soul. You can find yoursef a new book or you can take some of those you’ve already read, you have infinity of possibilities in front of you.

giphy (3)

  1. Find something else to do

This may sound a bit harsh, but reading isn’t always an option, because too much of something is never good. There is a TV show you’ve  always wanted to watch? Now it’s time to start  watching it. You’ve missed to watch a few episodes of your favorite show? Make a marathon. You haven’t  watched Harry Potter for a while? Make a movie night with friends or family.  Ride a bike or roler-skates.  Go with your mum to the theatre and make her happy.  Help your little brother or sister with homework. Talk with your friends and family. Reading isn’t the only thing that makes you happy.


How do you get out of a reading slump? If you have any other advices, feel free to share them in the comments.




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  1. kirapebbles says:

    I do number 2! Rereading my fave books always seems to work…


    1. Really? That works quite well for me too. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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